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English Military Terminology in Multinational Operations (МЕТМОС)

Military English Terminology in Multinational Operations Course i s designed by experts of KAZCENT. The course is

NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Central Asia Context Factors and the Comprehensive Approach to Regional Security (CACF&CARS)

KAZCENT (Partnership for Peace Training Centre, Army Academy) and ( ( Breakfast and unlimited Wi-Fi Internet access are

Legal aspects of peacekeeping operations (LAPSOC)

Description: The purpose of the Legal Aspects of Peace Support Operations curriculum would be to enhance the capability of Kazakhstan

UN Staff Officers Course (UNSOC)

Description:The purpose of the course would be to prepare and train staff officers of the ranks Captain

English Language Course (ELC)

English Language Course is designed to train military personnel of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan. The course program provides a

UN Pre-deployment Training Course

Pre-deployment Training Course is developed by "Partnership for Peace" Training Center of Army Academy (KAZCENT) to train personnel planned
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Dear colleagues!

Welcome to the "Partnership for Peace" Training Centre of the Army Academy (KAZCENT).

KAZCENT was recognised by NATO as a PTC in December 2010. We have been working hard to achieve our end-state – to become a regional Training Centre and a full-fledged member of the PfP educational community.

Current security conditions along with new threats and challenges throughout the world require well-trained military personnel and interoperable coalition forces to act together in Peace Support Operations in a multinational environment.
KAZCENT aims to contribute to strengthening of regional and global security by providing relevant courses and seminars, and also promoting tolerance and better understanding of history, culture and traditions of different ethnicities, namely those of the Central Asian countries.

We believe that participation in PFP courses and other KAZCENT activities will help exchange knowledge and lead to closer relationships between involved Nations.

"Partnership for Peace" Training Center

Colonel A.N. Aubakirov

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